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About Us

My name is Kia, and I am the Founder of Wild Lotus Shop. Once COVID hit, I decided to showcase my vulnerability/life experience, which set us apart from other loungewear brands. I am a HUGE empath; I love reading quotes that make me feel warm and smile. I love everything about spreading a positive message, especially after experiencing some of the lowest lows. Wild Lotus Shop spreads a positive message while simultaneously creating a community of incredible individuals helping others and themselves. 

We have all gone through our ups and downs, or are still struggling with our downs. Here at Wild Lotus Shop, we strive to help others feel comfortable with who they are and all that they may be going through. We are all struggling in our own individual ways.

Wild Lotus is here to help you, your friends, your family and ever single individual out there.

Lots of love,

Kia & Wild Lotus Shop Team